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Why educators support HOBY


Why do students need HOBY? 

  • Leadership skills, such as goal-setting, problem-solving and sound decision-making, are not just necessary for leaders – these skills are needed for success in today's world (MacNeil 2000)
  • Helping young people develop leadership competencies makes them better able to solve community problems and enhances their civic participation (O'Brien & Kohlmeier, 2003). 
  • Young leaders also demonstrate higher career aspirations and increased self-esteem (Bloomberg, Ganey, Alba, Quintero, & Alcantara, 2003).
  • Service-learning programs are not components of most high school curriculums, despite being proven to increase student awareness of community needs and their belief that they can make a difference. 
  • High school students participating in service-oriented programs have higher test scores and are less likely to drop out of school or engage in at risk behavior (National Commission on Service Learning). 

Who benefits from HOBY? 

  • The students: HOBY “ambassadors” learn how to become community leaders and realize their full potential. Additionally, studies show that students participating in civic service decrease their chances of dropping out of school and prevent at-risk behavior. 
  • The volunteers: HOBY New Mexico is an entirely volunteer run organization. Our volunteers recruit students, fundraise, organize programs, manage events, engage in PR activities, and more. They are constantly developing new professional skills and exercising existing ones. And of course, interacting with our “ambassadors” provides a fantastic opportunity to learn and be motivated by today’s youth.
  • The community: HOBY alumni return to their own communities and apply all the skills and ideas they learned at the seminar. Community organizations, such as senior centers, schools, churches, hospitals and more, count on HOBY “ambassadors” to continue the tradition of service that other HOBY alumni began.

What is the cost for HOBY to host each registered student? 

  • The Seminar cost per student is $350. This includes meals, lodging, facilities, and training materials for the entire weekend. 
  • Event is funded entirely by sponsorships from corporations, civic organizations, foundations, and private citizens. 
  • What is the direct cost to the student or their family? 
  • The only thing the student is responsible for is transportation to and from the seminar and any additional spending cash, (i.e. for photos and souvenirs).

One Summer. 50 States. 150+ Charities. 7,000+ Volunteers. 24,000 volunteer hours for Leadership for Service (L4S).

”The Return of HOBY New Mexico“

After a 5 year absence from New Mexico, the Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar was brought back by a a newly formed, all-volunteer team. "The Return of HOBY to New Mexico" documents the results of their dedication, the 2014 Leadership Seminar, May 30-June 1, 2014, at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

What is HOBY? 

  • Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) was founded in 1958 by Hugh O’Brian, after a visit to Africa with humanitarian Albert Schweitzer. 
  • We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with affiliates in all 50 states. 

What does HOBY do? 

  • Leadership Seminars and Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs)
  • Each September, HOBY invites over 22,000 public, private, and charter high schools to select their most outstanding sophomores to attend one of 70 US Leadership Seminars in the US. 
  • The following spring, HOBY holds 70 leadership seminars – at least one in every state. Outstanding young leaders from approximately 8,000 high schools attend, based on demonstrating leadership in their schools and communities, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic background. 
  • HOBY New Mexico is in its 33rd year of hosting high school sophomores at our annual Leadership Seminars. 
  • Leadership for Service: In addition to engaging in a service learning experience at the Seminar (using hands-on service as a vehicle for education), HOBY alumni are challenged to complete (and log on the HOBY website) at least 100 hours of service to their schools and communities in the year following their Seminar. 

What is the HOBY New Mexico Leadership Seminar? 

  • A three-day event held on the University of New Mexico at the main campus 
  • Held annually the weekend AFTER Memorial Day, the Seminar incorporates topics of leadership and motivation, entrepreneurship, community service, research and technology and environmental responsibility. 
  • Combines interactive opportunities with community leaders, service learning, and activities to develop critical thinking, team building, goal-setting, problem-solving and sound decision-making skills. 
  • Volunteer adult facilitators lead groups of 8-10 students throughout the entire seminar weekend 
  • Speakers, panelists, and activity leaders volunteer their time and resources to participate Who can attend the HOBY New Mexico seminar? 
  • Every high school in the state of New Mexico (public and private) is invited to select and send up to two outstanding sophomore “ambassadors.” Each school should also select an alternate in case one of the primary students is not able to attend. 

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