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HOBY NM sponsors several HOBY programs

  • Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs) for ninth graders
  • Annual Leadership Seminar (LS) for sophomores
  • Scholarships to the annual World Leadership Congress (WLC) for alumni
  • Scholarships to the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA) for high school Junior Staff.

With those on-going commitments, we began in 2012-2013 looking for ways to predict our budget and the amount of money we would need to fundraise each year.

As in 2013, in 2014 we found about half of our Leadership Seminar students needed community support beyond their parents, schools, and school districts. We also found that support from service organizations was shrinking, which meant we needed to find additional revenue sources for our students.

No Student Left Behind

If a student, a school, a community group wants a student to participate in our Leadership Seminar, HOBY-NM will find a way to make it happen. Our preference is that schools and school districts use taxpayer money to pay for their ambassadors. Our seminar fees are only $350 per student.

Sometimes schools will partner with the parents to pay the student's cost.  Other times, the parents are able to pay the $350.  Yet other times, everyone will chip in a bit to handle some of the costs.

Beyond that, we ask for help from service clubs, which have been wonderfully responsive.  Beyond that, HOBY-NM picks up the fees.  No Student is Left Behind with HOBY-NM.

2012-2014 Rebuild 

The HOBY NM rebuild team began recruiting ambassadors in October 2012 to attend the 2013 seminar in El Paso—New Mexico's closest seminar site. Twenty-two Ambassadors participated in the Far West Texas HOBY seminar, two attended a seminar in California, and two more attended a seminar in Houston, Texas. Our Ambassadors represented 18 high schools in New Mexico.

In 2014 we hosted our own New Mexico seminar in Albuquerque where our goal was 40, we maxed it by almost 150%.  We had over 40 schools participate. New Mexico missed having its own seminar!

In 2015 we again will be at the University of New Mexico.  Our goal is 44 and we should top 60 students.  We'll keep you posted.


"No-shows" are simply students who do not arrive to the seminar. These are not students who cancel with advance notice because they cannot attend. In that instance alternates can be contacted to take their place. 

No-shows raise three concerns:

First, a student misses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a HOBY Leadership Seminar. 

Second, an alternate also misses this opportunity.

Third, a school, parent, or donor loses the $350 scholarship given to the student(s) for fees, dorms, meals, etc. 

In 2014 we were surprised to have 16 no-shows!  We then developed interventions to reduce that number in 2015 and had only one no-show.

Don’t be a ’No-Show’

Life happens. If an ambassadors realizes they cannot make it to the seminar they should notify the Leadership Seminar Chair and their school counselor—to allow the alternate to participate instead.